MBN 2022 Course Notebook

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! 

Materials, resources, and homework posted below will be available until June 2023.

Questions? Reach out to info@partnership-academy.net

MBN 2022 Course Materials Archive

  • Session 7: Put the Wind in Your Sails Session 7: Put the Wind in Your Sails

     Presentations: Socio-Economic Profile Tool (PDF), EPS Tool link (scroll down to view BLM, USFWS, USDA FS portals)  Entrepreneurship and Risk Assessment (PDF) Facilitation in Action (PDF, including Reference slides)   Optional...

  • Session 8: Walk a Mile in Their Shoes Session 8: Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

    Presentations: Interest-Based Negotiation (PDF)   Video Presentations:  Principled Negotiation, with Denis Desmarais (23 min video/podcast)   Optional Homework: Principled Negotiation Planning Worksheet (PDF)   Additional Resources: Interest-Based...

  • Session 9: Calm the Waters Session 9: Calm the Waters

    Presentations: Strengthen Your Conflict Management Skills (PDF)   Optional Homework: Prepare for a Challenging Conversation (PDF)   Additional Resources: Participant Workbook for Getting to the Core of Conflict and Communications (GTC3) Circle of...

  • Session 10: Look Beneath the Surface Session 10: Look Beneath the Surface

    Presentations: Thinking like a Social Scientist (PDF) Sunshine Laws in a Partnership Context (PDF)   Optional Homework: Sunshine Laws Pop Quiz (PDF) Practical Considerations for Social Science Research Worksheet (PDF)   Additional Resources: America's Wildlife Values...

  • Session 11: Smart Moves Session 11: Smart Moves

    Presentations: Persuasion (PDF) Building Constellations Not Stars: Transformational Partnerships to Inspire Conservation Action (PDF)   Optional Homework: Improve Your Persuasion Strategy (PDF)   Video Resources:  Persuasion, with Liz Madison, 22 mins The Future...

  • Session 12: New Paths to Follow Session 12: New Paths to Follow

    Presentations: Supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in Partnership and Community Collaboration ALPHA: Laura Harvey, NPS, Interpretive Specialist, National Capitol Region. Accessibility Brings Us Together (PDF). Resources: Accessibility Resource...

  • Session 13: Get Your Ducks in a Row Session 13: Get Your Ducks in a Row

    Presentations Managing Agreements and Pooled Funding (PDF) Session 13 recordings are below. Session recordings are provided for MbN 2022 course participant self-study. Password is the same as for webinars. Case Study Presentations ALPHA: Nina Hemphill, BLM, Aquatic Habitat...

  • Session 14: Change Your Tack Session 14: Change Your Tack

    Presentations Sustaining Partnerships and Community Collaboratives (PDF) Community Outreach and Federal Ethics Insights (PDF)   Optional Homework Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory (PDF) Partnership & Ethics Fact Pattern Pop Quiz (PDF)   Additional...

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Participating in MBN 2022

  • Course Learning Objectives

    Applying knowledge and skills learned in this course, participants will be able to:

    1. strengthen an internal and external network of individuals and organizations to advance the mission of the agency;
    2. build trust with partners and stakeholders using a professional skill set of 22 competencies;
    3. demonstrate professional competence in applying best practices for partnership and community collaboration with partners, stakeholders and the public;
    4. apply social science concepts and practices to support relevance and resilience in partnering and collaboration;
    5. recognize the relationship between sunshine laws including the Paperwork Reduction Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act to build accountability and trust between public agencies or organizations and their partners, stakeholders, and the public.
  • MBN Webinar Groups

    Each of the 17 course sessions is offered four times as a live, 2-hour webinar. Course participants are assigned to one of the four webinar cohorts (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) based on their day and time preference, as indicated on their application.

    To support interaction and peer learning, each webinar will be hosted in a virtual classroom with 25-30 participants.

    We anticipate schedule conflicts and participants may use the “flex option” to attend any one of the four webinars in any given week, as best suits their schedule.

    • Wednesday, ALPHA cohort: 11AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 9AM Mountain, 8AM Pacific, 7AM Alaska, 6AM Hawaii
    • Wednesday, BETA cohort: 2PM Eastern, 1PM Central, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific, 10AM Alaska, 9AM Hawaii
    • Thursday, GAMMA cohort: 11AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 9AM Mountain, 8AM Pacific, 7AM Alaska, 6AM Hawaii
    • Thursday, DELTA cohort: 2PM Eastern, 1PM Central, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific, 10AM Alaska, 9AM Hawaii

    Because the Academy observes Daylight Saving Time, class times will change accordingly in March.

    Check the Course Roster for your assigned group.

  • Webinar Best Practices

    • Log in 5-10 minutes early to troubleshoot any technical difficulties.

    • Webinars start and end on the hour.

    • Audio will be automatically muted when you join the classroom.

    • Instructors invite participation by calling on all participants. You may respond or pass the question to another attendee.

    Set Yourself Up for Success:

    • Eliminate distractions.

    • Close your email, turn off notifications.

    • Put a “do not disturb” sign on your door.

    • The chat box is a “judgment free zone.” Comments with typos and spelling errors are welcome.

    • Let the instructor know if you have to be in listening mode due to background noise or other competing interests.

  • Photo and Video Use in the Classroom

    Classroom Use of Photos

    • During webinars, we use a photo roster to facilitate discussion.
    • The photo roster provides participants with information such as your name, agency, job title, work unit, and city and state.
    • We will not publicly post or use photos for any other purpose without your written permission.
    • If you prefer not to use a personal photo, please send an alternate image to use in the classroom.

    Classroom Use of Video

    • On camera participation is not required for this course.
    • We understand that many participants join from sites with limited bandwidth.
    • Because live video feed can significantly impact the quality of online instruction, we use it selectively.
    • During class discussion and breakout sessions, participants are welcome to appear on camera.


  • Joining Class in Webex

    Accessing Webinar Links:

    • Webinar links will be posted on a private page for course participants.
    • Weekly email reminders for class will always include a link to this page. 
    • Participants may subscribe to the webinar group calendar posted on this page.

    Tips for logging in: 

    • For the best experience, log in from your desktop or laptop. 
    • If you have a VPN, close it before joining.
    • If you're logging in from a mobile device, download Cisco Webex Meetings.

    Joining Audio:

    • Audio is integrated with Webex. You may automatically join audio through your computer.
    • A call in number and access code are provided, if needed.
    • If you are joining audio using a separate phone line, join Webex first, and note your attendee ID for calling in. This will allow you to join breakout rooms.  

    Troubleshooting Webex:

    • Is WebEx asking for an admin password? Your local firewall is blocking access to the software. Contact your IT Help Desk for assistance.  Click on the link to “join by browser" to gain access to the webinar this week.
    • Did you select the right link? Sessions are offered at multiple days and times. Choose the link for the day and time you plan to attend.
    • We will make every effort to bring you into the classroom. Please call into the webinar so we can help you log in.
    • Presentations are posted as PDFs at the Course Notebook so you can download and follow along with audio until technical glitches are resolved.


MBN Course Schedule

MBN 2022 Course Schedule



The 22 Competencies

The Competencies

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