Since the first Managing by Network webinar offered in 2008, the Academy has helped partnership practitioners explore practices, build skills, and learn from their peers. 

Our interactive training invites participants to take an active role in webinar discussions and apply course content to their current responsibilities.

We place the needs of our participants first, in curriculum design and scheduling. We invite, listen to and act on informal and formal feedback. We support open communication inside and outside of the classroom.

Managing by Network (MBN)

Managing By Network is offered as a series of seventeen online seminars designed for Federal Employees. Employees of state, county and nonprofit entities, who work closely with Federal agencies also are eligible to participate in this course. Learn how to strengthen formal and informal partnerships and foster community stakeholder engagement. Acquire knowledge and build skills with your interagency peers.

This course meets from January to June. Applications for the class of 2020 will open in October 2019.

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Managing by Network: Spotlight Series

Broaden your awareness of opportunities for partnership and community collaboration. 

Spotlight Series webinars are a peer-learning component of Managing by Network and are held several times a year. Webinars feature federal programs and initiatives that highlight innovative ideas for outreach, community collaboration, and partnerships.

Webinars are open to all Federal employees and partner representatives and there is no cost to attend.


Managing by Network and the Spotlight Series are cohosted by BLM, DOI CADR, NPS, USFWS, USDA FS, and USACE.


Getting to the CORE of Conflict and Communications (GTC3)

Build your core knowledge, skills and abilities for managing and resolving conflict in the workplace.

GTC3 includes three Instructor-led webinars with presentations, interactive exercises, and group discussion.  The fourth webinar is an informal discussion with a DOI CADR Mediator. These sessions are supported by course materials and instructional videos available on-demand at the Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy website.

This course is offered by DOI CADR and the Partenrship and Community Collaboration Academy. ChiResolutions has been DOI's principal consultant and primary contractor for all CORE PLUS services.

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