Managing by Network

2019 Tuition

The $1,600 tuition fee for Managing by Network includes 17 webinars, 5 study halls, individual training needs self-assessment, course evaluation, and training certificate.

Open Seats

Open seat applications and Supervisor’s Recommendation, as applicable, will be accepted throughout November and December, 2018, until all seats are filled. 

If open seats are still available after January 1, 2019, applicants may be admitted into Managing by Network at the discretion of the MBN cohosts.

Open seats are available to: 

  • federal employees or consultants
  • state, county, and municipal agency employees
  • representatives of tribes
  • representatives of nonprofit organizations 

For open seats, the $1,600 tuition fee is funded by the individual's agency work unit or organization, or by the individual.

Open seat applicants must work with at least one of the cohost agencies and meet the same job responsibility criteria as National Scholarship applicants (MBN FAQ, “Who should apply to Managing by Network?”).

Open seat selection is competitive. Employees from EPA, NOAA, USACE and USBR will receive preference in the competitive selection process for open seats.

Upon receipt of the completed application, the Academy will contact open seat applicants directly regarding their selection and arrange for a tuition payment process that complies with the agency’s or organization’s needs.

To complete the registration process, open seat applicants selected for Managing by Network will be asked to confirm the tuition payment process AND confirm their participation.

Tuition invoices will be submitted for payment in January 2019, coinciding with the start of the course.

The Academy provides on-line, secure credit card processing of tuition payments.

Are you an employee of EPA, NOAA, USACE or USBR? We encourage you to apply for an open seat.

Employees from EPA, NOAA, USACE and USBR will receive preference in the competitive selection process for open seats.

We understand that these agencies work closely with the cohost agencies of the Managing by Network course. Instructors and participants alike value the expertise and role of these agencies related to water quality, aquatic life, restoration, recreation, and planning needs associated with drought, flooding and infrastructure considerations. 

For the past three years, representatives of these agencies have greatly contributed to the peer-learning element of the course. These participants have highlighted their agency's mission, practices and innovations in working with partners, stakeholders and permittees. With alumni recommendation for continued participation and cohosts support for selection preference, representatives of EPA, NOAA, USACE and USBR will continue to deepen the interagency peer-learning network of the Academy.

National Scholarships - Deadline November 2, 2018

Selection for National Scholarships is now underway.

As cohost agencies, the BLM, USFWS, and USFS provide a limited number of National Scholarships for participants from their respective agencies, funding the $1,600 tuition fee. 

Funding for Managing by Network is provided by:

  • BLM, National Partnership Office 
  • BLM, National Training Center
  • USFS, National Partnership Office
  • USFWS, National Conservation Training Center

All applicants from these cohost agencies are eligible for a National Scholarship. Scholarship selection is competitive. Read more about the job responsibility criteria for applicants in the  MBN FAQ .

National Scholarship applications and Supervisor Recommendation forms, as applicable, are due November 2, 2018.

Incomplete applications, including those submitted without a Supervisor Recommendation form (when applicable), will be withdrawn from the selection process after November 2. Complete applications received after November 2 may be considered on a case by case basis, subject to the number of scholarship seats still available in the course.

National Scholarship applicants will be notified of their status via email no later than December 14, 2018. Applicants may be Selected, designated as an Alternate, or placed on the Wait List.

National Scholarship applicants selected for Managing by Network incur no direct expenses to their work unit.

To complete the registration process, National Scholarship applicants selected for Managing by Network will be asked via email to accept the scholarship and confirm their participation.

The acceptance of a National Scholarship obligates the course participant to fulfill the course requirements on behalf of their work unit (MBN FAQ, “What is the required time commitment?”). If a course participant must withdraw from the course prior to completing certificate requirements, work unit reimbursement of the scholarship may apply, specific to the policies of the BLM, USFWS or US Forest Service.

If a selected applicant declines a scholarship seat or does not confirm participation, their application will be withdrawn and an alternate may take their place in the course. Alternates may be admitted into the class up until the start date, January 16, 2019.

After selection notification, available open seats may be offered to National Scholarship alternates. The Academy will contact alternates directly; alternates may choose to wait for a Scholarship seat to become available, or confirm funding for an open seat from their work unit.

Wait listed applicants and applicants who withdraw from selection for Managing by Network may apply again in a subsequent year.

Contact Liz Madison for more information about open seat tuition payment information, including: 

  • secure credit card payments;
  • vendor information needed to complete the SF-182 Training Authorization Form, required by Federal agencies to obligate funding, prior to the use of a federal credit card to pay tuition;
  • processing validation information required by state and local agencies or organizations, prior to the use of a credit card to pay tuition.

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