Academy Staff  work with Federal Agency Coordinators, the Instructional Team, and Guest Speakers to support a community of practice in the emerging professional field of partnership management and community collaboration. 

Academy Staff


Anne Desmarais, Director


Jane Hanson


Jane Hanson, Assistant Director and Registrar


Liz Madison


Liz Madison, Senior Fellow


Leigh Goldberg, Faciliator


Leigh Goldberg, Instructor and Scholar-in-Residence, Academy


Aaron Walker, Technology Consultant


Aaron Walker, Collaborative Technology Specialist



Federal Agency Coordinators: Managing by Network 2021

Whitney Beisler


Whitney Beisler, Ph.D., Course Leader, National Conservation Training Center, USFWS


Seth Cohen,  USACE


Seth Cohen, Ph.D., Facilitator, Collaboration Specialist, Institute for Water Resources, Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise, USACE


Susan Goodwin


Susan Goodwin, Facilitator, Mediator, Trainer, Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution, DOI


Nancy Patterson, BLM


Nancy Patterson, Director, Campbell Creek Science Center; Interim Federal Coordinator, Managing by Network, BLM National Partnerships Program, National Conservation Lands and Community Partnerships Directorate, BLM


Joe Smith


Joe Smith, National Partnership Coordinator, National Partnership Office, USDA FS


Rebecca Stanfield McCown


Rebecca Stanfield McCown, PhD, Director, Stewardship Institute, NPS



Toni Suminski, Leadership Exploration and Development Training Coordinator, National Training Center, BLM

Joe Smith


Joe Smith, National Partnership Coordinator, National Partnership Office, USFS


Amy Wing


Amy Wing, Course Leader, National Conservation Training Center, USFWS




  • Spotlight Series Instructors: Managing by Network

    Broaden your awareness of opportunities for partnership and community collaboration. 

    The Academy's Spotlight Series features federal programs and initiatives that highlight innovative ideas and partnerships. Webinars are led by Guest Speakers from the Academy.


    Jess Jackson, USDA NRCS, retired


    Jess Jackson, Jr., National Partnership Liaison, Retired, USDA NRCS


    Heidi Keuler, USFWS


    Heidi Keuler, Fish Habitat Biologist, Fishers & Farmers Partnership Coordinator, National Fish Habitat, USFWS


    Dawn McCarthy, USDA FS


    Dawn McCarthy, PhD, Recreation Team Leader, Wayne National Forest, USDA FS


    Doran Sanchez, BLM


    Doran Sanchez, Partnership Outreach & Development Specialist, California Desert District, Barstow Field Office, BLM


    Randy Thoreson, NPS, retired


    Randy Thoreson, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Rivers,Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, Retired, NPS


    John Titre, USDA FS


    John Titre, District Staff Officer, Wilderness, Trails, Recreation, Lands & Special Uses, Coronado National Forest, USDA FS


    Laura Van Riper, BLM


    Laura Van Riper, Social Scientist, National Riparian Service Team, BLM

  • Video and Podcast Instructors

    Video instructors share best practices for partnerships and community collaboration. 

    Helen Aarons, BLM, Retired


    Helene Aarons, National Partnership Coordinator, BLM, Retired; President, Aarons Consulting, Managing by Network Co-Founder


    Paul Batlan, DOI


    Paul Batlan, Financial Analyst, Conservation Partnerships, Office of Financial Management, DOI


    Matthew Birnbaum, Consultant


    Matthew Birnbaum, Ph.D., Evaluation Planning and Policy Consultant


    Cate Bradley, NPS, retired


    Cate Bradley, MLA, Ph.D., Landscape Architect, Collaboration Clinics and Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, Retired, NPS


    Kevin Connally, USFWS


    Kevin Connally, Region 5 (North Atlantic/Appalachian) Habitat Conservation Plan Coordinator, USFWS


    Wolf Cota, USDA FS


    Wolf Cota, Former National Information Collections Officer (ICO), Office of Regulatory and Management Services, USDA FS


    Anne Desmarais, Academy


    Anne Desmarais, Assistant Director, Peer-Learning Coordinator and Lead Instructor, Academy


    Denis Desmarais, Consultant


    Denis Desmarais, Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant


    Tom Fish, NPS


    Tom Fish, National Coordinator, Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units Network, NPS


    Susan Goodwin, DOI CADR


    Susan Goodwin, Faciliator, Mediator, Trainer, Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution


    Shane Hershman, BLM


    Shane Hershman, Former Administrative Officer, Montana State Office, BLM


    Pat Johnston, BLM


    Patricia Johnston, Special Assistant, BLM


    Joy Lujan, NPS


    Joy Lujan, Former Community Planner, Collaboration Clinics and Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, NPS

    Liz Madison, Academy


    Liz Madison, Senior Fellow, Academy


    Matt Magee, BLM


    Matt Magee, Former Acting Program Lead, BLM Collaboration and Dispute Resolution


    Jeremiah Martinez


    Jeremiah Martinez, Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist Recreation, Conejos Peak Ranger District, USDA FS


    Karen Simms, BLM


    Karen Simms, Former Assistant Field Manager, Gila District, Tucson Field Office , BLM


    DeEtte Stofleth, USDA FS


    DeEtte Stofleth, Lead Grants Management Specialist, Colville, Mt. Baker, Snoqualmie, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, USDA FS


    Thanks to the support of the BLM National Training Center production studio and the National Digital Library of the U.S. Fish and Wilife Service, the Academy is pleased to provide more than 70 videos related to the KSAs of partnership and community collaboration. 

    For your convenience, the most popular of these are also available as podcasts. Subscribe to Managing by Network on iTunes.


  • Community Of Practice

    This peer-learning network includes Managing by Network contributors from the past decade. 

    Christine Brown-Nunez, USFWS


    Christine Browne-Nunez, Team Lead, Human Dimensions Branch, National Wildlife Refuge System, USFWS


    Hal Cardwell, USACE


    Hal Cardwell, Ph.D, Director, Collaboration & Public Participation Center for Excellence, USACE (guest speaker, Managing by Network, 2019)


    Jacqueline Emanuel, USDA FS


    Jacqueline Emanuel, Director, National Partnership Office, USDA FS (guest speaker, Managing by Network, 2018)


    Laura Harvey, NPS


    Laura Harvey, Education Specialist, National Capital Region, NPS


    Will Stelle, NOAA Fisheries


    William Stelle, Regional Administrator, West Coast Region, NOAA Fisheries (Guest speaker, Managing by Network, 2016)




Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

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