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Video topics are arranged by the core competencies presented in Managing by Network. Explore these presentations by Academy instructors and Managing by Network alumni

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Discussion questions on each video page provide a framework for further exploration.
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Partner Culture Awareness with Liz Madison, 9 mins; podcast available

Partnership Network Life Cycle with Liz Madison, 8 mins; podcast available

Leveraging Partnerships with Liz Madison, 6 mins; podcast available 

Service First: Interagency Agreement Process with DeEtte Stofleth

  • Interagency Agreement Process, 25 mins; podcast available
  • Completing a Service First Agreement: Form 7600 B, 13 mins

Service First in Action with Shane Hershman, 24 mins; podcast available

America's Great Outdoors Initiative with Jeremiah Martinez, podcast available

  • Part 1, 17 mins
  • Part 2,  9 mins 

Community Collaboration


Community Collaboration



Three Elements of Collaborative Leadership with Liz Madison, 4 mins; podcast available

A Facilitator's Best Practices with Anne Desmarais, 18 mins; podcast available

Making Meetings Work with Liz Madison, 11 mins; podcast available

Community Collaboration with Helene Aarons

  • Strategies, 13 mins
  • Words Matter, 20 mins

Collaboration Toolbox with Joy Lujan; podcasts available

  • Stakeholder Analysis, 5 mins
  • Decision Space, 4 mins

Deconstructing "Other" Recreating "We" with Joy Lujan, 10 mins; podcast available

Internal, Interpersonal and Group Dynamics in Collaboration with Joy Lujan, 7 mins; podcast available

Collaborative Conservation: Spectrum of Public Engagement with Wylie Carr, 11 mins

Situation Assessments: An Overview with Laura Van Riper, 20 mins

Managing Collaboration with Cate Bradley; podcasts available

  • Foundations for Strong Collaboration, 17 mins
  • Building Action Agendas for Better Collaboration, 25 mins
Conflict Management with Susan Goodwin: 
Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution with Susan Goodwin and Karen Simms, 26 mins
Seven Faces of Philanthropy and Partnerships with Liz Madison, 16 mins; podcast available
Social Network Analysis with Liz Madison; podcast available
  • Who's in Your Professional Network, 13 mins
  • Using Social Network Analysis, 8 mins

The Edwards Aquifer Recovery Implementation Program: Community-Based Solutions with Kevin Connally, 28 mins; podcast available

Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan, 14 mins


Strategic Thinking


Strategic Thinking


Collaborative Practices in Strategic Planning with Matt Magee and Patricia Johnston, 19 mins

What is Managing by Network? with Liz Madison 12 mins; podcast available

What is a Peer-Learning Network? with Liz Madison 6 mins

Entrepreneurship and Partnerships with Liz Madison, 18 mins; podcast available

The Role of Advocacy in Partnerships (CC) with Ann Hutchinson, 16 mins

Strategic Planning with Liz Madison

  • Strategic Planning: Finding the Value, 13 mins
  • Strategic Planning: Planning Phases, 27 mins
  • Strategic Planning: Tips on Use and Readiness, 9 mins

Business Plan with Liz Madison

  • Benefits and Use, 6 mins
  • Cover to Cover, 24 mins
  • Phases of Development, 12 mins

Partnership Management


Partnership Management



Formal Agreements with Liz Madison, 16 mins; podcast available

Fundraising Agreements, Policies and Practices with Liz Madison, 15 mins

Nonprofit Fundraising and Public-Private Partnerships with Liz Madison, 18 mins; podcast available

Philanthropic Foundations with Anne Desmarais; podcasts available

  • Facts, Myths and Roles, 9 mins
  • Research, Relationships and Results, 8 mins

Persuasion with Liz Madison, 22 mins; podcast available

Principled Negotiation 23 mins, with Denis Desmarais; podcast available 

  • Interests vs. Positions: The Story of the Orange with Denis Desmarais, 2 mins; podcast available

Political Savvy with Liz Madison, 8 mins; podcast available

Fostering Public-Private Partnerships in Conservation with Paul Batlan

  • Part One: Introduction to 21 Partnership Success Factors and Historic Buildings as Capital Projects, 20 mins
  • Part Two: Infrastructure and Utility Service Providers Capital Projects, 14 mins
  • Part Three: Land and Easement Acquisitions as Capital Projects, 14 mins
  • Part Four: Trust for the National Mall Volunteer and Corporate Partnerships, 7 mins

Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units with Dr. Tom Fish

  • Background, 11 mins
  • Projects, 12 mins
  • Future, 9 mins






Accountability When Working with Partnerships with Liz Madison, 11 mins; podcast available

Financial Management of Public Private Partnerships with Liz Madison, 23 mins

Partnership Ethics with Markci Metcalf

  • Part 1, 31 mins
  • Part 2, 18 mins
  • Part 3, 23 mins
  • Fundraising Events, 12 mins
  • Impartiality and Outside Employment, 12 mins

Evaluating Partnerships in Conservation with Matt Birnbaum, Ph.D.; podcast available for all videos

  • Introduction, 12 mins
  • The Interplay, 14 mins
  • Logic Models, 20 mins
  • Assessment, 30 mins
  • Incredibly Practical Tips, 13 mins 

Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) with Karen Simms, 28 mins; podcast available

Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 with Wolf Cota

  • Part 1, 10 mins; podcast available
  • Part 2, 7 mins; podcast available
  • Part 3, 20 mins

Thanks to the support of the BLM National Training Center production studio and the National Digital Library of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Academy is pleased to provide more than 70 videos related to the KSAs of partnership and community collaboration. 

For your convenience, the most popular of these are also available as podcasts.

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Liz Madison and Diane Nelson in the BLM NTC Studio

Mike Pearson at the controls in the production studio, BLM NTC

Helene Aarons and Matt Magee prepare for filming

Matt Birnbaum, Ph.D. in the BLM NTC studio

BLM NTC Production Crew

Our Thanks to the Managing by Network Guest Instructors and Course Alumni from BLM, NPS, USFS, USFWS and DOI CADR for sharing your insights on camera 



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Case Studies



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