Communication Skills for Conflict Management:

Strengthening your Conflict Management Skills

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Recognize how our behaviors, perceptions and assumptions can contribute to conflict. 

Learn to recognize emotionality, and what communication skills can help you through a difficult conversation.

Explore alternative strategies for responding to conflict and negotiating an agreement.

Discussion Questions:

1. Think of a situation where you were in conflict in the workplace. What was your reaction to that conflict? How did you respond? Were there assumptions that you or the other party made that contributed to the conflict?

2. When might you want to Avoid a conflict? Compete? When would collaboration be the best strategy for handling conflict?

3. In your work this week, put into practice one of the strategies or skills for communicating and handling conflict from this video (e.g., summarizing, reframing, asking open ended questions, making assumptions explicit, recognize emotionality, etc.)

This is part of Communication Skills for Conflict Management with Susan Goodwin


Susan Goodwin

DOI, Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy


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