Community Engagement and Collaboration for Exhibit Planning

Community Engagement and Collaboration for Exhibit Planning

Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts is working with its communities to co-create a new exhibition in the Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center, which will replace the existing exhibit about immigration and more completely tell the stories of cultural changes in the city.

“Lowell is a microcosm of the historical and contemporary shifting of cultural identities and tensions brought about by broader social changes such as industrialization, urbanization, and globalization.”

  • What stories would you tell about a diverse and changing community?
  • How would you decide which stories to include?
  • What would successful community engagement, collaboration, and co-creation look like?
  • How do you balance stakeholder, staff, and community perspectives in an collaboratively designed project?

Learn how this “park of partnerships” is using community roundtables to fully engage stakeholders in telling the story of Lowell, MA.

Presented by Emily Donovan, NPS, Park Ranger, Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, MA

Facilitated by Anne Desmarais, Director, Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy.


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You may wish to skip from 2:55 to 9:00 as we resolved some technical issues around the chat box function.

This webinar was recorded on March 30, 2021.


  • Community Engagement and Collaboration for Exhibit Planning (PDF)

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Emily Donovan, NPS

Emily Donovan

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