Anne Desmarais

Anne is Assistant Director and Peer Learning Coordinator for the Academy. She is a facilitator, writer and program director with two decades of experience working in professional education, collaborative conservation and program development.

Clients and employers include the the U.S. Forest Service, National Heritage Program of the National Park Service, The Conservation Fund/Conservation Leadership Network, The Nature Conservancy, ESSA Technologies and the University of Redlands.

Anne’s expertise includes the design and delivery of on-site and online training, training needs assessment, facilitation, grant writing, and applications of geospatial and decision support technology to resource management.

Anne holds an MEM in Resource & Landscape Ecology from Duke University, a BA in Biology from Pomona College, and was the recipient of a Doris Duke Conservation Fellowship, Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, and Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

Anne and her husband, Denis live in Southern California with their two children.

Anne is also featured in the following instructional videos:

Foundations: Facts, Myths and Roles, 9 mins

Foundations: Research, Relationships and Results, 8 min

A Facilitator's Best Practices, 18 mins

Anne Desmarais 

Assistant Director
Peer Learning Coordinator
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy


909.649.2897 (CA)

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