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What can we do for you?

 What can we do for you? We are a community of partners hip- minded people working throughout and across federal agencies to explore practices, build skills, and learn from peers. We support a federal community of practice in the emerging professional field of partnership management and community collaboration.



What would you do?

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Wetland Management District
When people feel connected to a landscape and each other, they become actively engaged in protecting and maintaining their public places. The Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program of the National Park Service provides the expertise to help take your outdoor recreation and community collaboration project to the next level. Contact RTCA now to see if your project is a good fit for community assistance. Project applicants may be state and local agencies, tribes, nonprofit organizations, or citizen groups. National Parks and other Federal agencies may apply in partnership with other local organizations. Applications are due June 30. 
Learn more about RTCA and community connections in this case study from Lisa Holzapfel, Program Leader and Heather Rice, Outdoor Recreation Planner in the Alaska Region for the NPS.  

The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge & Wetland Management District was founded in 1976 to protect habitat in the rapidly developing metropolitan area around the Twin Cities. A runway expansion at the nearby airport in 2001 set the community up for conflict. Brooke Burrows, USFWS, shares how a mitigation fund helped start a land trust to benefit both people and wildlife in her 2018 Managing by Network case study. (Photo courtesy of USFWS.)



Members of our Community of Practice

Anne Desmarais

Anne Desmarais is Assistant Director and Peer Learning Coordinator with the Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy. Anne brings two decades of expertise in strategic conservation, program management, and instructional design to the classroom. Her facilitation skills enhance our online and onsite training programs, and the smile in her voice lets everyone know they are welcome to join in the conversation.


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Podcasts from Managing by Network

You asked for podcasts of our instructional videos, and with the help of our partners, we have delivered. You can see our full list of podcasts, browse our instructional videos to find the topic that you need, or subscribe to Managing by Network in iTunes. Special thanks to the BLM National Training Center and the USFWS National Conservation Training Center for supporting the development of these educational resources.



We support a partnership training network.



 Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy 

Learn more about the competencies featured in Managing by Network

The 22 Competencies

Managing by Network is cohosted by:

  • Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy
  • BLM National Training Center and Division of Education, Interpretation and Partnerships
  • USFS National Partnership Office
  • USFWS National Conservation Training Center
  • DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution
  • USACE Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise

The Academy's Spotlight Series webinars features federal programs and initiatives that highlight innovative ideas and partnerships.


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