We are a community of partnership-minded people working 

throughout and across federal agencies.

Applications are open for the Class of 2023.


Managing by Network 2023 Course Flyer (PDF)

Questions? Contact info@partnership-academy.net for more information. 

Applications remain open until December 1, 2022. 

Application review and selection for National Scholarships is underway. 

New applications will be considered on a space-available basis. 

Complete your application as soon as possible; selection is competitive.


Are you a public agency manager, specialist, coordinator, or front-line supervisor working with partners, permittees, or community stakeholders?

Join us for Managing by Network, a series of 18 live, interactive webinars that will improve your preparedness in 22 competencies crucial to your job. 

  • Course Start Date: January 11 and 12, 2023
  • Course End Date: May 31 and June 1, 2023

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