Seven Faces of Philanthropy and Partnerships

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Explore the range of motivations and attitudes of individuals and organizations, which support the stewardship of our public lands.

Learn how to distinguish between the 7 faces of partnership and philanthropy and the role each might play in supporting a partnership, their varied interests in recognition and the value of intellectual and emotional appeals.

Gain a perspective on how word choice related to outreach might serve to engage or distance key stakeholders and potential partners.

Discover the importance of testimonials and the role of partners in serving in the role of spokesperson.

Discussion Questions:

1. Which groups best matches your current partners and/or stakeholders? 

  • Altruist
  • Communitarian
  • Devout
  • Dynast
  • Investor
  • Repayer
  • Socialite


2. How might understanding an individual's or organization's motivation and attitudes help to define their role and responsibilities in a partnership and your commitment of time in supporting their interest?


3. How might you describe a current partnership project in terms that would attract the active participation of a Communitarian, Dynast and Repayer?


4. Which forms of recognition would best serve to strengthen your current partnerships?


5. How would you describe a current partnership project in terms of an intellectual appeal? What about an emotional appeal?


6. How are partners serving as spokespersons for the public/private partnership?

Liz Madison

Liz Madison

Senior Fellow
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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