Principled Negotiation

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Discover how to prepare, participate and debrief from a negotiation.

Explore the circumstances, behavior and outcomes of five negotiating styles.

Improve your understanding of how to conduct an interest-based or principled negotiation. Consider the benefits of this negotiation technique to community collaboration and partnership management.

Discussion Questions:

1. How might a negotiation provide an opportunity for education and relationship building?


2. Describe what types of situations would lead you to choose the following negotiation styles:

  • Avoid
  • Accommodate
  • Compete
  • Compromise
  • Collaborate


3. Think of a recent negotiation with a partner. What was the partner's negotiation style? How did that match up with yours?


4. How might you use the concept of Position vs Interests to move a conversation forward that seems to be stuck? How would you break down your own "position" to discuss your agency's underlying needs?


The Story of the Orange

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Is compromise a win-win for both parties? 

Explore the difference between Interest and Positions.

Ask Why and not What a person or organization wants or needs to move forward.

Discussion Question: 

Have your experienced the Story of the Orange: a situation where a compromise did not lead to the best outcome for each party? What would have been a more collaborative solution?


Denis Desmarais

Denis Desmarais

Negotiation and Collaboration Instructor
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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