Financial Management of Public Private Partnerships

Charitable campaigns designed to support the work of public/private partnerships are on the rise. 

Nonprofit partners are stepping forward to raise philanthropic funds for restoration, historic preservation, recreation areas, educational programs and facilities. These contributions are being directly invested in public resources managed by federal agencies.

Learn more about managing public/private partnerships that feature fundraising activities designed to support resources managed by federal agencies.

Discover when the agency's interest in the fundraising campaign might lead to the practice of vetting a partner's Fundraising Feasibility Studies, Fundraising Plans and Donor Recognition Plans. 

Consider the triggers for assessing, minimizing and mitigating risk in the management of public/private fundraising activities.

Discussion Questions:

1. What evaluation criteria might you apply to a partner's Fundraising Plan?

2. How might collaboration in the development of a Donor Recognition Plan benefit the agency, nonprofit and donors?

3. What factors might affect your decision to request a partner's Fundraising Feasibility Study?

4. What are two risk factors related to fundraising campaigns?

5. How might a federal agency minimize or mitigate risk related to fundraising campaigns?


Liz Madison

Liz Madison

Senior Fellow
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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