Entrepreneurship and Partnerships

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Entrepreneurship is found throughout public agencies and nonprofits.

Learn how to recognize the development of new products, services and ways of working in partnership that distinguish the actions of an entrepreneur.

Dive into risk assessment and explore four strategies for managing the risk associated with partnership-driven activities.

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe a new product or service associated with your partnership and community collaboration activities? Who benefits from this product or service? What need does it address?

2. Describe the entrepreneurial characteristics of at least one partnership? Are nontraditional partners involved in the project? Does working with this partner(s) require changes to the agency's standard operating procedures?

3. List at least three sources of risk associated with the work of a public-private partnerships?

4. What are the four strategies for managing risk?

5. What is an example of a risk indicator and how might the risk be mitigated?

Liz Madison

Liz Madison

Senior Fellow
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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