Community Collaboration

Explore the characteristics of collaboration.

Discover the benefits of collaboration beyond reaching consensus. Identify the guiding principles for collaboration.

Explore the Spectrum of Public Participation and consider how to use informing, consulting, cooperating and collaborating to support the work of partnerships and community outreach.

Learn more about how stakeholders came together in Montana to support cottonwoods.


Discussion Questions:

1. What practices support collaboration?

2. How can you frame conversations to create a shared understanding of facts and develop strategies acceptable to the group as a whole?

3. Provide an example of a situation in which a public agency is seeking feedback from stakeholders and partners. Compare this situation to an example in which a public agency is seeking cooperation. How do these examples differ from a public agency inviting collaboration?

How do we define communities, partners, stakeholders and cooperators? Do we share the same definition for these words as our colleagues, partners and the public?

Learn more about how to identify stakeholders beyond references to a geographic area. Find out more about the work of federal outreach to stakeholders in Colorado and Washington. 

Discussion Questions:

1. Consider the words: partnership and collaboration. Which is a noun? Which is a verb?

2. Provide one example of how a stakeholder might become a partner.


Helene Aarons

Helene Aarons

Co-Founder Managing by Network Course
Partnership Coordinator, NLCS, BLM, Retired

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