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An essential step in collaboration planning is to identify the stakeholders who can impact or be impacted by the decisions, goals, objectives and strategies of a collaborative project.

Determine if the framework, presented here, will help you and your colleagues navigate stakeholder interest.

Consider how to match your understanding of stakeholders with communication strategies from the spectrum of community engagement.

Discussion Questions:

1. Who is on the planning team?

2. Who are the advisors, helpers and resource experts?

3. Who are the implementers, supporters or funders?

4. Who are the decision-makers and opinion leaders?

5. Who are the potential impacted parties? (real or perceived impacts)

6. Who are the people who could be engaged but have not been engaged?

7. Who are the potential opponents?

8. Who else should know about this project?

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Analyzing the decision-making space early in the formation of collaboration helps manage expectations, define roles and inform the sphere of decision-making. 

Learn more about the decision-making lenses that frame collaboration: ecological boundaries, geopolitical boundaries, land management boundaries, law and policy, project scope and political will.

Discussion Questions:

1.  Provide an example of how law and policy shapes the decision-making space of multiple public agencies working together?

2. How might the scope of the project require the decision-making space to expand its geopolitical boundaries?

3. Describe an element of a project that may lie outside of a group's decision-making influence?


Joy Lujan

Joy Lujan

Former Community Planner
Collaboration Clinics
Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, NPS

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