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Case Study Catalog

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Youth Conservation Corps peer learning workshops rivers ranchers farmers threatened and endangered species USGS Interstate Stream Commission agreements TNC NFWF strategic planning Backcountry Horsemen Conservation District tourism water rights BLM Recreation Strategy refuges schools settlement wildlife management inter-agency mining endangered species agriculture travel management planning CESU NOAA cooperating agreements SC KY OK DOD NRCS species tribes sustainable recreation water industry stakeholder engagement watershed network USBR counties funding communities ESA national program capacity building partnership impact model decision support strategic thinking par risk management 2021 planning and evaluation business plan diversity Virtual meetings entrepreneurship policy climate change collaborative leadership recreation evaluation historic preservation 2022 community engagement facilitation political savvy shared stewardship usfs accountability consensus building land trust mitigation State Ohio NEPA 2018 infrastructure wilderness network of service providers OHV ecotourism conflict management 2020 forest planning Youth Every Kid Outdoors 2019 partnership network life cycle partnering county partner cultural awareness HI watersheds NV GA state MN WV TN AR MS LA regional NY DE landowners 2017 AL 2015 WI youth local UT 2016 KS adapting to change national MD community outreach AZ NC international TX 2011 knowledge transfer 2014 NPS RTCA USFWS CT 2012 USFS MO information technology AK restoration recovery CO PA MT BLM NM USACE fire MA VT NH ME IA ND WA WY economy big data RI NJ energy training 2009 2010 OMB PRA Service First CFLR wetlands MI LCC SD urban community collaboration outdoor recreation CA FL DC ID OR FEMA EPA 2013 VA NE IL IN OH volunteers education FACA natural resources friends group cultural resources NMFS

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