Session 16: Reflect on the Journey

Session 16: Reflect on the Journey


Peer to Peer Case Studies

ALPHA: Shanna Kleinsmith, USDA FS, Writer-Editor, National Forest System, Policy Office, ID. Mature and Old-Growth Forests: Partnerships for Success (ALPHA recording)

BETA: Danielle Bauman-Epstein, USDA FS, Program Specialist - Grants and Agreements, Six Rivers National Forest, CA. Youth Workforce Development: Two Tribal Partnerships (BETA recording)

GAMMA: Liz Smith-Incer, NPS, RTCA Field Office Director for Mississippi and Puerto Rico, MS. Africatown Connections Blueway: Healing Begins by Reclaiming Our Heritage & Happiness (GAMMA recording)

DELTA: Jesse Engebretson, EPA, Social Science Researcher, Office of Research and Development, Great Lakes Toxicology and Ecology Division, MN. Unsheltered Homelessness in Parks and Protected Areas in Northern California (DELTA recording)

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Optional Homework

Instructors: Anne Desmarais and Leigh Goldberg, Academy



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