Session 07: Find the Common Threads

Session 07: Find the Common Threads


ALPHAAlicia Bell-Sheeter, USDA FS, Assistant Director of Co-Stewardship and Programs, Office of Tribal Relations. MbN Class of 2014. Engaging with Native American and Indigenous Communities. Highlighted authorities: Joint SO 3403EO 13175EO 14112

BETAElyssa Shalla, NPS, Supervisory Park Ranger (MbN and C2P2 Class of 2023); and Carmen Kraus, Visual Information Specialist, Grand Canyon National Park. Havasupai Gardens (Ha'a Gyoh): Inclusive Interpretation through Tribal Consultation.

GAMMAChris Herman, USDA FS, Tribal Relations Specialist, Chippewa National Forest. MbN Class of 2023.

DELTABenton Keali'i Pang, USFWS, Conservation Partnerships Supervisor, Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office. C2P2 Class of 2022. The Weaving of Indigenous Knowledge in the Work We Do. Highlighted authorities: USFWS DO 227OSTP-CEQ-IK-Guidance

ALPHA, BETA, GAMMALaTasha Wauneka-Anderson, USDA FS, Program Specialist, Workforce Development Partnerships Hub, National Patnerships Office. Indian Youth Service Corps.



Additional Resources

Federal Agency Offices and Resources: 

  • BLM Tribal Consultation
  • EPA Environmental Protection in Indian Country
  • HHS IEA Tribal Affairs
  • NOAA Tribal Relations and Resources
  • NPS Office of Native American Affairs
  • USACE Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise
  • USBR Native American Affairs Program
  • USDA FS Office of Tribal Relations
  • USFWS National Native American Programs
  • USGS Office of Tribal Relations


Optional Homework

Instructors: Anne Desmarais and Leigh Goldberg, Academy; and agency guest speakers

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