Session 06: Paddle Together

Session 06: Paddle Together


Peer to Peer Case Studies: MBN Alumni

ALPHA: Jennifer Day, NOAA, Great Lakes Regional Coordinator, Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Team,  MI. Government Collaboration: Building collaboration for One NOAA internally to facilitate One NOAA externally (PDF).

BETA: Katie Noland, USACE, Strategic Communication Specialist, Dam and Levee Safety Programs, MD. USACE Partnership Pains and Gains Developing the Levee Safety Program Guidance (PDF). 

GAMMA: Reid Armstrong, USDA FS, Public Affairs Specialist, Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest and Pawnee National Grassland, CO. Sparking a R/Evolution in Information Delivery. (PDF). 

DELTA: Cindy Corsair, USFWS (MbN 2017), Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Southern New England Coastal Program and Endangered Species Program, Ecological Services, RI. A Tale of Two Cities: Urban Wildlife Refuge Program. (PDF). 

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