Fishers and Farmers: Watershed Leaders Network, Heidi Keuler, USFWS

Fishers and Farmers: Watershed Leaders Network, Heidi Keuler, USFWS

Change only happens at the speed of earned trust.

How do diverse stakeholders move from finger pointing to collaboration?

How can you share your agency’s expertise and also show respect for local knowledge?

In the Upper Mississippi River Basin, farmers are taking the lead to improve water quality for local fisheries. Find out how the Fishers & Farmers Partnership has brought together funding and technical assistance to improve life in communities throughout the Midwest.

Fishers & Farmers monitors the biological, chemical, physical and social aspects of projects. Learn how both kinds of monitoring play a role in developing accountability and creating a positive change for watersheds.

Presented by Heidi Keuler, Fish Habitat Biologist, Fishers & Farmers Partnership Coordinator, National Fish Habitat Partnership, USFWS.

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This webinar was recorded on March 7, 2018. Note there is some intermittent distortion on the phone line.



"The Fishers and Farmers Partnership is taking a new approach, supported by representatives from both groups, to address the relationship between agriculture and streams in the basin. Activities of the partnership are based on three fundamental principles: finding common ground for sustaining agriculture and fishes together; promoting local leadership and providing flexible assistance of conservation projects; and collaborating and learning to achieve measurable results at the basin scale. These principles will allow us to pursue a vision of farmers and conservationists working together, in an environment of mutual respect that cultures and takes advantage of expertise and knowledge of both groups."  

-Fishers and Farmers Strategic Plan, 2015

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Heidi Keuler

Fish Habitat Biologist 
Fishers & Farmers Partnership Coordinator
LaCrosse Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, WI

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