Building a Partnership Network for Affordable Housing

Building a Partnership Network for Affordable Housing

Learn how BLM and partnering agencies renewed their partnership network, as they updated the guidance for potential land transfers (sales) to support affordable housing projects throughout Nevada. 

This work is made possible through the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998 (SNPLMA or the act), Public Law 105–263, as amended that allows BLM to sell public land in Nevada specifically for affordable housing.

The 90-minute webinar included a welcome, presentation, roundtable dialogue with BLM and program partners, and Q&A. Featured partnership practices included:

  • Stakeholder analysis: identifying and building relationships with interested parties
  • Collaborative process design: joint fact-finding, building a common vocabulary, creating a shared vision, facilitation
  • Understanding the decision space: authorities, regulations and flexibility


This link will open in a new window. Press the play button to begin the recording. Turn up your computer speakers.

After a Welcome, the main presentation starts at 12:10.



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Presented by: 

Ron Mobley, Bureau of Land Management

Special Legislation Program Manager & EEO Counselor

Nevada State Office, Interior Regions 8 and 10


Guest Speakers:

Kristin Cooper, Clark County Social Service

Kristin Cooper, Assistant Director

Clark County Social Service, Clark County, NV



Adrienne Babbitt, HUD

Adrienne Babbitt, Field Office Director

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)



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