Managing by Network Application Process


Applications are closed for the Managing by Network Class of 2024.

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Application Process:

  1. Complete the Managing by Network Application Form.
  2. If you require supervisor approval for this training, ask your supervisor to complete the Supervisor Recommendation Form. This form should NOT be submitted by the applicant. If you do not require supervisor approval, please indicate this on your application, and this requirement will be waived.
  3. National Scholarship and priority Open Seat Applications are due November 3. Applications remain open until December 1. After November 3, applicants may be considered for a National Scholarship or Open Seat, if space is available. See Tuition for more information about National Scholarship eligibility. 
  4. Within 2 business days of processing your completed application (including supervisor recommendation form, if applicable), the Academy will acknowledge receipt via email. Status inquiries may be directed to the Registrar,  


Selection and Confirmation:

  1. Applicants selected for the course (all tuition types) will be notified starting December 1.
  2. Applicants selected for National Scholarships must confirm their availability by December 15.
  3. Applicants selected for Open Seats must confirm availability and funding by December 31. Tuition payments will be invoiced in January, at the start of class.
  4. Applicants selected for the course who must decline selection due to competing interests are invited to apply for consideration for future offerings.


Alternate and Waitlist Notification:

  1. Alternates for National Scholarhips will be notified of their status no later than December 15. Alternates for National Scholarship seats may be invited to join the class through an Open Seat, if available. Open Seat tuition is funded by the individual's work unit. Alternates may also choose to wait and see if a National Scholarship seat becomes available.  
  2. Wait listed applicants will be notified of their status by December 15, and are invited to apply for consideration for future offerings.


September 13 - December 1: Academy accepts applications. Depending on their agency, applicants may qualify for either a National Scholarship or Open Seat work unit funding. See Tuition options.

  • Applications received by November 3 receive preference in the competitive selection process for National Scholarships and Open Seats.
  • Applications received after November 3 are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, subject to the number of seats available for this course.

November 3-December 1: Selection of Managing by Network Class of 2024. 

December 1: Academy begins to notify applicants of their status.

December 1-31: Participants selected for National Scholarship seats confirm their availability. Participants selected for Open Seats confirm their availability and work unit funding. Alternates for scholarship or open seats may be invited into the class if a seat becomes available.

Prior to submitting an application, please review:

MBN Overview

MBN Overview

MBN Course Schedule

MBN Course Schedule



MBN Tuition

MBN Tuition

MBN for Supervisors

MBN Information for Supervisors

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