Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray works with the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Portland, OR-Vancouver, WA Urban Refuge Program. In this role she facilitates values-driven business operations and co-designs outcome-based program planning, monitoring and evaluation.  Her interest in the application of Trust Ecology to her work in Portland-Vancouver led her to the role of guest instructor with the Partnership Academy.

For the past 15 years, Sarah has woven an inter-disciplinary web that includes roles like: park ranger, environmental educator, volunteer coordinator, administrative professional, Crucial Conversations instructor, board member, and consultant to a private foundation in grants management. Her throughline is working (and playing) at the intersection of people and the environment. 

Sarah lives in Portland, OR with her husband, two young kids, and a rambunctious shepherd mix. On the weekends you can find her playing outside, reading, walking her dog, practicing yoga, or trying a new recipe. 



Sarah Gray

Program Assistant 

Portland-Vancouver Urban Refuge Program

U.S. Fish and Wlidife Service

MbN Class of 2022

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