Matthew Magaletti

Matt Magaletti serves as the National Partnership Coordinator for the BLM’s National Conservation Lands Division. Matt works to elevate the importance of partnerships and collaboration throughout the agency.

Before moving into the National Partnership Coordinator role, Matt spent 5 years working for BLM Nevada as the Greater Sage-Grouse Coordinator, where he had an opportunity to work with a diverse group of stakeholders, local and state agencies, property owners and ranchers, and NGOs to develop BLM land use plans that aim to conserve the species across BLM Nevada’s 20 million acres of sage grouse habitat. Matt was also able to work with a variety of state and local partners to advance the Nevada Conservation Collaborative Network, a state-wide network that serves to promote, incentivize, coordinate, and support locally-led conservation efforts across the state.  

Prior to moving to Nevada, Matthew worked as a Planning and Policy Analyst for 5 years with the BLM’s national office in Washington D.C.

Matthew began his Federal career with the BLM as a Student Career Employment Program participant in his home state of Arizona. While working for BLM Arizona, Matthew was able to discover the power and value of partnerships and public participation through the development of sustainable land use plans that direct the appropriate management of public lands in the Agua Fria and Sonoran Desert National Monuments. 

Matthew’s passion for public lands is embedded in his upbringings. He grew up adjacent to BLM lands outside of Tucson, AZ, where he gained a firm appreciation for the Sonoran Desert. While attending college at Arizona State University, Matthew’s studies focused on how urban and suburban developments interact with public lands and open space at the urban edge. Matthew collaborated with the Sonoran Institute on his thesis, which was published in the Lincoln Institute’s working papers series titled, Best Practices of Edge Treatment Management in the West. Matthew graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s degree in Environmental Planning and Bachelor of Science in Planning and Landscape Architecture.

Matt lives with his spouse and two Bengal cats in Reno, NV, where he is constantly working on updating his 1911 home and attempting to garden. When not at home or at the office, Matt and his spouse enjoy hiking, kayaking, and camping throughout the Sierra and Great Basin regions. 

Matthew Magaletti

National Partnerships Coordinator
National Conservation Lands and Community Partnerships (HQ-410)
Bureau of Land Management

Managing by Network Class of 2021



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