Marcia deChadenedes

Marcia deChadenedes is the Program Lead for BLM Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR). As an administrative folklorist for 17 years working with the National Landscape Conservation System, she has worked with communities of place and communities of interest to identify core values related to natural resources, to develop sustainable systems for conservation and shared stewardship.

Now leading the BLM CADR program, her focus is on building agency capacity for stakeholder engagement in challenging resource management efforts. The program supports, coordinates, and trains collaboration specialists and facilitators throughout the agency in on-the-ground resilient solutions through transparent and collaborative stakeholder relationships.

Marcia deChadenedes, BLM

Marcia deChadenedes

Collaborative Action & Dispute Resolution (CADR) Program Lead

Managing by Network Class of 2010, 2021

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