Jacqueline Emanuel

Jacqueline Emanuel is the Director of the National Partnership Office in Washington, DC, where she champions entrepreneurial public-private partnerships while continuing to support community-based innovation that is the foundation of our partnership program.

Prior to taking the helm of the NPO, Jacqueline held a wide variety of positions in her 27 year career with the U.S. Forest Service.  Jacqueline recently served as a Legislative Affairs Specialist and a Fellow in the United States Senate, and she previously served as the first National Sustainable Operations Coordinator.  

Jacqueline has also spent several years as the National Partnership Coordinator in Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer Resources, building alliances and developing mutually beneficial relationships.  

Prior to working in the Washington Office,  Jacqueline worked on the Southern California National Forests, and she began her career in the Rocky Mountain Region working in a variety of Public Affairs, Partnership and Community Forestry roles.

Jacqueline Emanuel

Acting Associate Deputy Chief 
National Forest System

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