Brian Bloch

Brian is currently an ombudsman at the Department of the Interior (DOI). Originally from New York, Brian attended the University of Michigan but dropped out to become a monk. After 12 years of monkhood, he re-entered society, married and moved to India where he taught Sanskrit texts and worked in a program for India’s Supreme Court aimed at establishing mediation in the court system.

While in India he earned his MA in Conflict Resolution from a distance at Eastern Mennonite University.

After 21 years in India he returned to the US in 2011 where he started working in the Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution in DOI…where he continues to work today.

He lives in Potomac Maryland with his wife Katie, the president of the local Krishna temple. Their son is an Organizational Development consultant in London.

Brian Bloch

Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner
DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution

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