Aaron Walker

Aaron’s career in technology spans more than 30 years, working in software creation, data management, and organizational development. With a focus on improving collaboration across groups, Aaron works to build and develop teams which use technology to enhance organizational effectiveness. He currently advises the Academy on using technology to support collaboration and adopting ongoing improvements to its internal technical operations. He has expertise in IT staff supervision and mentoring, Agile software development, Scrum and Kanban methodologies, DevOps transformation, data virtualization, cross organization leadership, data governance, and test process automation.

As a Technology Manager, he has built high performing teams to deliver all phases of software development projects. With experience managing organizations of up to 4 managers and 40 staff, Aaron recently delivered DevOps capabilities to transform the development lifecycle. He has management expertise in all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle, with proven ability to balance competing interests and focus on optimizing for project success.

Aaron has held development and technical leadership positions in companies ranging from technology startups to Government Sponsored Entities, navigating a wide range of business and organizational cultures. Most recently, Aaron served as a Senior Technology Manager at Fannie Mae. Over the course of over a decade there, he worked in Test Data Management, Development Services, Credit Loss Services, Committing and Delivery Services, and the Dedicated Channel. Early in his career, he was Director of Core Technologies at Careerbuilder.com, and worked as a Software Engineer at Fannie Mae and Oracle Complex Systems Corporation. 

He studied at Case Western Reserve University and University of Maryland, University College. Aaron lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two teenage sons. For more than three decades, he has actively managed multiple fantasy football leagues, and the Gashouse Gorillas are the current reigning champions of his Fantasy Football Premier League. 

Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker

Collaborative Technology Specialist
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy


703-919-8884 (VA)



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