Natalie Sexton

Natalie is a 2014 alumnus and active guest lecturer for the Managing by Network course. She is chief of the Branch of Human Dimensions at the Natural Resource Program Center of the National Wildlife Refuge System. As part of leading social science mainstreaming efforts in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), Natalie fosters social science literacy of practitioners, works to increase recruitment and integration of social science expertise, and deepen a robust community of practice within the Service. 

Current efforts to mainstream social science in the Service can be found in this report that summarizes the unprecedented Social Science Summit that took place in early 2020. Other key resources and updates can be found at the new and improved HDg ov—human dimensions portal.

Natalie’s academic training is grounded in an MS in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she enjoys gardening, acrylic painting, making natural beauty products, and cooking.




Natalie Sexton

Chief, Branch of Human Dimensions,
National Wildlife Refuge System

Managing by Network Class of 2014

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