Kevin Connally

Kevin Connally is theRegion 5 (North Atlantic/Appalachian) HCP Coordinator for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Kevin’s work focuses primarily on supporting USFWS Field Offices and their partners as they employ the tools in Section 10 of the ESA to conserve and recover threatened and endangered plants, fish, and wildlife.

Kevin collaborates with individual landowners, private industry, local governments, state agencies, and tribes. He has helped draft, deliver and implement HCPs in USFWS Regions 1, 2, and 5 ranging from residential construction projects that impacted less than a half an acre of habitat for threatened fossorial rodents, to regional programmatic plans balancing community development and water needs with the conservation of listed species across millions of acres.

Kevin served as a member of the Service’s Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument Laysan Demobilization and Habitat Restoration Team and spent the summer of 2010 deployed to the Deepwater Horizon incident. Kevin helped develop  Candidate Conservation Agreements with state and private partners that facilitated voluntary conservation efforts on private lands.

Kevin teaches Habitat Conservation Planning and Collaboration and Conflict Transformation coursework at the National Conservation Training Center and serves as a guest instructor for the Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy. Kevin is a 2014 alumnus of the Managing by Network course. 

When he isn’t planning conservation or talking about conservation, Kevin is usually outside somewhere with his wife and best friend Wendy. When they can’t be outside, they are usually in the kitchen feeding and entertaining friends.

Kevin's 2014 case study for Managing by Network features the Edwards Aquifer Recovery Implementation Program. This stakeholder-based, consensus-building approach resolved a conflict that had tormented central Texas for more than 60 years. The case study looks at the intersection of drought, groundwater law, the Endangered Species Act, and years of legal battles that were overcome in 2013 with the development of a Habitat Conservation Plan and the issuance of a USFWS Incidental Take Permit.

Kevin is featured in the following instructional video:

The Edwards Aquifer Recovery and Implementation Program: Community-Based Solution

Kevin Connally
Region 5 Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Coordinator

Managing by Network Class of 2014

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