Service First Agreements

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Learn the applications of a Service First Interagency MOU, Master Agreement and 7600B Interagency Agreement.

Discover the difference in the roles and responsibilities between a Requesting Agency and a Servicing Agency.

Familiarize yourself and your colleagues with commonly used terms for completing a Master Agreement, such as:

  • Indirect Cost Rate/Overhead
  • Assisted Acquisition
  • Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)
  • Agency Location Code (ALC)
  • Business Partnership Number (BPN)
  • Budget Object Code (BOC)
  • Business Event Type Code (BETC)

Learn about the steps to take to prepare a 7600B Interagency Agreement required to transfer funds from one agency to another.

Pick up some tips on Project Management responsibilities related to managing the funding of Service First Agreements.

Discussion Questions:

1. How do the terms "buyer" and "seller" relate to Requesting Agency and Servicing Agency roles and responsibilities?

2. If a project is completed yet funds are still available related to the 7600B Interagency Agreement, should the project manager initiate a close out of the agreement and de-obligate funds?

3. What role will the Contracting Officer play in development of Service First Agreements at DOI agencies?

4. What role will a Grants and Agreements Officer play in development of Service First Agreements at USDA agencies?

5. What are the three criteria for entering into a Service First Agreement and citing the Service First authority as the sole authority of the agreement?

6. Does the Service First Master Agreement take the place of the 7600A Treasury Form?

7. What 3 criteria will a Grants and Agreement or Contracting Officer apply to the cost analysis of the financial plan included in the 7600B Interagency agreement? 

8. Once the agreements are completed, who has signing authority for your agency?


A quick step-by-step guide to complete the 7600B Interagency Agreement.

Learn which blocks to fill in, which blocks to skip, what to attach and which blocks will be completed by either the Grants and Agreements or Contracting Officer.

Decode the acronyms used on the 7600B Treasury Form.

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