What is Managing by Network?

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Discover the four trends driving innovation in public agency operations.

Hear the story of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a model of 21st century public land management.

Learn more about the professional skill set required to support a network of partnerships.

Video Narrative Corrections:

There is a statement in What is Managing by Network? that references the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as defining the competencies (professional skills and experience) for federal position descriptions and personnel evaluations. Federal competencies are defined by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The format of the Managing by Network course was changed in 2017 from a nine-month format to a six month format to better accommodate the federal responsibilities of the summer field season and wildland fire fighting.

Discussion Questions:

1. Can you give an example of how each of these trends appears in your work?


2. How does the story of Golden Gate NRA compare to your partnership experience?


3. What skills did the staff and partners of Golden Gate NRA employ to support partnerships and community collaboration?

Liz Madison

Senior Fellow
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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