Fundraising Agreements, Policies and Practices

Fundraising agreements are specific to each federal agency. A closer look at the practices of the National Park Service provides insight on the Authorities, Policies and Practices of BLM, USFWS and USFS.

Learn more about how the NPS agreements differ as it relates to the fundraising goal as well as the nature of the relationship between the NPS and partners who are affiliated and unaffiliated.

Consider how the fundraising agreement template of your agency can provide you with a running start in developing a formal agreement. Think about how to use another agency's template as a guide for defining roles and responsibilities and best practices, should your agency not require written fundraising agreements.

Discussion Questions:

1. Is signing authority for NPS fundraising agreements based on the fundraising dollar goal?

2. Provide one example of an affiliated NPS partner. Do agreements with affiliated partners include fundraising roles and responsibilities?

3. Can the NPS develop a fundraising agreement with an unaffiliated partner?

4. What elements of a fundraising agreement might surprise a nonprofit partner? How could you alleviate the element of surprise?

5. Why can't one agreement fit all fundraising opportunities?


Liz Madison

Liz Madison

Senior Fellow
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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