Denis Desmarais

Denis holds a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Redlands in Arts and Culture (Phi Beta Kappa) and an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Development, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business Management from The George Washington University (Beta Gamma Sigma).

Throughout his career, he has worked in nonprofit management and higher-education administration, where he has held leadership positions. Denis teaches Negotiation and Collaboration for the Academy and was Assistant Director from 2013-2015.

Denis is currently the Training and Development Specialist at San Bernardino Superior Court, where he is responsible for Judicial Education and Leadership Development. He and his wife, Anne live in Southern California with their two children.



Denis is featured in the following instructional videos:

Principled Negotiation, 23 mins

The Story of the Orange, 2 mins

Denis Desmarais

Negotiation and Collaboration Instructor
Consultant-in-Residence Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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