The 22 Competencies

A competency is a group of knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and behaviors necessary to successfully complete a given task required by a particular job. Learn more about the 22 partnership and collaboration competencies, as defined by the Office of Personnel Management, which are the foundation for the courses offered by the Academy.

Instructional Videos

Use our video library to hone your skills through self-study, or spark partnership discussions during webinars, staff meetings, classroom, or conference sessions. Our video instructors hail from the BLM, NPS, USFS, USFWS, DOI, and the nonprofit and private sector. The videos were produced by the BLM National Training Center in partnership with the Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy. Videos can be viewed here and on Vimeo.

  Case Study Catalog

The Managing by Network Case Study Program gives federal employees the opportunity to speak to a success, failure, challenge, opportunity, work-in-progress or vision relative to their work in partnerships and community collaboration. Browse our catalog of more than 150 case studies tagged by topic, agency, year, and location to learn more about partnerships in action.


Looking for more information? Peer recommended books and articles provide an in-depth look at some of the competencies in partnership and community collaboration.


2016 Managing by Network Course Notebook

Review materials from the 2016 course, find videos and case studies related to each session's topic, and share information about partnership and community collaboration with your colleagues


Instructional Videos

Case Studies


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