Social Network Analysis


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Explore how social networks complement formal organizational networks.

Discover the value of mapping professional networks to collaboration, innovation and problem solving. 

Learn the lingo of social network analysis and the role each plays in communications: Central Connectors, Brokers, Experts, Rising Stars and Knowledge Keepers.

Discussion Questions

1. How do social networks differ from the chain of command? Why do we cultivate both networks?

2. Who do you go to for information, advise and resources to support your work?

3. What role do you play in your unit's social network? Also consider the role you play in your partnership network.

4. How would you use social network anaylsis to advance partnerships within your agency and outside of your agency?




Clic k here to listen to this video as a podcast.

Delve into the applications of social network analysis.

Gain insights about key questions to ask of social network mapping.

Consider how to use social network anaylsis to stregthen the performance of work groups, assume temporary or new position responsibilities and support succession planning.

Discussion Questions

1. How do you blend your knowledge of the formal network with the development of your professional network?

2. List at least two strengths of your professional social nnetwork? Consider at least one gap in your social network.

3. Regarding the importance of social networks in the workplace, what one question would you ask a colleague, whose position responsibilities you are about to assume?

Liz Madison

Liz Madison

Lead Instructor
Director, Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy

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