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Find a new perspective: Managing by Network
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Gain new insights in partnership and community collaboration.

Applications open in October, 2017 for 2018 seating.

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Contact us if you'd like to reserve seats for your agency in 2018.

Contact us if you'd like to reserve seats for your agency in 2018.

Course Overview

Are you a federal manager, specialist or front-line supervisor involved in partnership and community collaboration?

Seize this opportunity to participate in the Academy's flagship course, Managing by Network. 

Strengthen your professional skills set in Partnering, Community Collaboration, Strategic Thinking, Partnership Management and Accountability. Learn more about the professional competencies featured in this applied training course. 

Join us for a series of 17 online seminars designed for Federal employees and representatives of their partner organizations. Webinars start on January 17 and conclude on June 14, 2018. 

Learn how to strengthen formal and informal partnerships and foster community stakeholder engagement. Gain insights on working with other public agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and corporations. Acquire knowledge and build skills with your interagency peers.

Participants learn the principles and practices of Managing by Network through peer-learning, case studies, instruction and facilitated discussion. Participants are invited to take an active role in webinar discussions and apply course content to their current responsibilities.

Featured Practices: collaborative leadership, conflict management, entrepreneurship, evaluation, facilitation, managing a mix of federal and nonfederal funding, negotiation, partner cultural awareness, partnership assessment, teambuilding and more.

Highlighted Authorities: the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Federal Ethics Regulations related to partnership and community collaboration.

Instructors are practitioners in partnership and community collaboration from the public, nonprofit and private sector. Specialists in the areas of conflict management, community collaboration, human dimensions, partnering and philanthropy share their expertise.

Course Start Date: January 17 and 18, 2018
Course End Date: June 13 and 14, 2018


In 2018, at least 80 of the 120 course participants will represent BLM, USFWS, and USFS, as national scholarship recipients of the Managing by Network cohost agencies.

The remaining 40 open seats will be available to federal employees or consultants; state, county and municipal agency partners, representatives of tribes, and nonprofit organizations. Federal employees or consultants include but are not limited to DOD - REPI Program, EPA, NOAA, NPS, NRCS, USACE, USBR and USGS.

Tuition: The $1,600 fee for Managing by Network includes 17 webinars, 5 study halls, individual training needs analysis, course evaluation and training certificate.

National Scholarships: Tuition for most BLM, USFWS and USFS participants is funded by national scholarships from cohost agency partners. Funding is provided by the National Partnership Offices of the BLM and USFS, the BLM National Training Center and the USFWS National Conservation Training Center. Scholarship selection is competitive. 

There are no direct expenses to the work unit of selected participants funded by national scholarships.

Simply complete your application and you will be notified of your status (accepted, alternate, or wait list) by December 15, 2017. Alternates may be admitted into the class up until the start date. 

If not selected for a scholarship seat, applicants may seek enrollment through open seating, funded by their work unit. 

Open-Seat Tuition for federal employees or consultants; state, county and municiple agency partners, representatives of tribes, and nonprofit organizations is paid by the individual's agency work unit or organization, or by the individual.

Individual applications are available on a first come, first served basis.

Complete your application and we will contact you regarding your selection and details for your tuition payment. 

Tuition payments may be processed by credit card, or when applicable, by the federal SF-182 invoicing process. Once payment is confirmed, your registration will be complete. 

See the  FAQ  "How do I pay tuition?" for more details regarding tuition payments for individuals.

Are you required to seek supervisory approval for training? If you answered yes, then we need supervisory approval to consider your application complete. Please forward the link to the Supervisor Approval Form to your supervisor as part of the application process.

Refund Policy

Do you work on behalf of a public agency or organization? Would you like to reserve seats for this course? Contact Liz Madison concerni ng details and  tuition.

Managing by Network Learning Objectives

Applying knowledge and skills learned in this course, participants will be able to:
  1. create or strengthen an internal and external network of individuals and organizations to advance the mission of the agency;
  2. build trust with external partners using collaborative leadership, partnership leverage and partner cultural awareness;
  3. sustain partnership accountability using external awareness and communication skills including collaboration, conflict management, facilitation, persuasion and negotiation;
  4. develop, monitor and evaluate formal partnership agreements and projects that rely on a mix of federal and nonfederal funding, and
  5. recognize the intent of agency policies and practices related to partner fundraising and donation activities. 

Required Time Commitment

Managing by Network is designed to help participants apply course content to their current partnership and community collaboration responsibilities.

This course includes 17 webinar sessions, scheduled January - June. Session includes:

  • 2 hours of instruction, case study presentations, interactive exercises and facilitated discussion;
  • Pre-webinar assignments include instructional videos of 8 to 30 minutes.

Participants are required to complete an individual Training Needs Self-Assessment and the course Evaluation; each survey takes about 30 minutes.

Course Schedule: 3 Plus 1

Once the course begins, participates attend a webinar each week for 3 consecutive weeks. 

On the fourth week, we host a study hall. Study hall work is optional and designed to help you apply what you learn. During this week you may:

  • Office hours: chat with an instructor and classmates, 2-3 pm ET Thursdays
  • Self-study: catch up or delve deeper on instructional materials
  • Network: reach out to classmates and instructors
  • Homework: explore self-assessments and workbook exercises

Voluntary Time Commitment

Participants may complete an optional Case Study Presentation. These presentations promote peer-learning and networking and are posted to the Academy's resource library

Flexible Schedule Option

Please note that we do not record Managing by Network webinars. Participants may review course material at our website, invite a colleague to take their place for a limited number of sessions, or follow up with the instructors as needed.

With 120 participants, the Academy offers each webinar in the series four times. During the selection process, course participants are assigned to a seminar group of about 30 participants. 

If you have a schedule conflict with your assigned group, you are always welcome join another group for the session. 

On your application, please select your preferred day and time: Wednesday or Thursday, starting at 11 AM Eastern Time Zone or 2 PM Eastern Time Zone.

Time zone map: 11 AM Eastern


Time Zone Map: 2PM Eastern

Course Completion and Certificates

Participants who attend 7 or more Managing by Network webinars are awarded certificates as an official record of 40 hours of training in 22 partnership and community collaboration competencies defined by OPM.

Participants who present a Case Study are awarded a certificate with honors.

Participants who attend 15 or more webinars are awarded a certificate with honors.

Managing by Network

Managing by Network is cohosted by:

  • Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy
  • BLM National Training Center and National Partnership Office
  • USFS National Partnership Office
  • USFWS National Conservation Training Center
  • DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution
MBN Course Schedule

MBN Course Schedule



 MBN Instructors 

MBN Instructors

The 22 Competencies

The 22 Competencies

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MBN Alumni



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