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Who We Are

Our core team is made up of independent consultants: Liz Madison, Anne Desmarais and Jane Hanson. We define the Academy’s strategic direction, develop curriculum, host courses, conduct training needs assessments and manage the operations of the Academy.
Our strategic partners cohost training. Strategic partners are involved in planning, announcing, staging, monitoring, evaluating and funding the Academy’s training services. These partners recommend and support Guest Instructors and Guest Speakers. Together we develop training tools such as instructional videos.
Our instructors are partnership and community collaboration practitioners. They hail from BLM, USFS, USFWS, NPS, nonprofits, foundations, academic institutions, and consulting firms.
Our students and alumni lead us in peer-learning through classroom discussions, case study presentations and small group challenges.
Our administrator and owner is Liz Madison Consulting. Liz Madison co-founded the Academy with Diane Nelson, Training Coordinator at the BLM National Training Center and Helene Aarons, BLM Partnership Coordinator. Diane and Helene have retired from the federal workforce.

What We Do

We support a federal community of practice in the emerging professional field of partnership management and community collaboration.
We focus on the training needs of federal employees and representatives of the organizations that work with federal agencies.
We provide “how to” or applied training on 22 partnership and community collaboration competencies. These professional skills are defined by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). We also provide training in strategic planning, business planning, financial resource development and philanthropy.
We place the needs of our course participants first, in curriculum design and scheduling. We invite, listen and act on informal and formal feedback and support open communication inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Story

We walk the talk of partnerships. In 2008, the Academy’s flagship course, Managing by Network, was developed in partnership with the BLM National Training Center, BLM National Partnership Program and Liz Madison Consulting.

We support a partnership training network. In 2009, the Managing by Network course became an interagency course with the support of the USFS National Partnership Office and the NPS National Partnership Office and Stephen T. Mather Training Center.

In 2011, the USFWS National Conservation Training Center and DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR) joined the team.

The Academy’s partnership training network has expanded since 2008 to include federal program leads, academic institutions, nonprofits and associations.

We work in a variety of settings from webinars to conferences, meetings, workshops and training center classrooms.

We are inclusive. We reserve seats in Academy training for federal employees who are not represented by cohosting agencies and individuals from state and local agencies, nonprofits, associations and tribes.

We provide “off-the-shelf” training developed by the Academy’s instructors and develop new courses to meet the goals and objectives of federal agencies, nonprofits and associations.


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