Managing by Network FAQ

  • When and where do we meet?

    Managing by Network is presented in 17 webinar sessions over six months. Participants meet for 3 consecutive weeks of webinars in our virtual classroom. The following week will be a study hall. This schedule repeats from January to June.

    Start Date: January 25 or 26, 2017

    End Date:  June 21 or 22, 2017

    100 course participants meet for two hour webinars in 4 seminar sized groups of 25-30. Webinar groups meet at 11 AM ET and 2 PM ET on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

    We offer each webinar group the same experience. Applicants are asked to select a preferred day and time for the webinar that best fits their schedule. We do our best to accommodate these preferences. 

  • What if I have a schedule conflict?

    Each of the 17 webinars is presented 4 times - once for each group. If you have a schedule conflict for any given week, join another group that week. 

    Out of town for the week? Invite a colleague to sit in for you and discuss the webinar upon your return. 

    Catch up by revie wing  materials at the web site and call the instructors to discuss specific concepts of interest.

    Please note that we do not record Managing by Network webinars in order to encourage everyone to speak freely about their work in partnership, without concern about their comments being taken out of context.

  • How long is a webinar?

    Webinars are 2 hours. This includes group discussion to support peer learning, instructor presentations with Q&A, interactive exercises, and case study presentations.

  • What is study hall?

    Once the course begins, you will participate in a webinar each week for 3 consecutive weeks. On the fourth week, we will have a Study Hall. 

    Study Hall work is optional and designed to help you apply what you learn. 

    Choose from any of the following activities:

    • Office hours: chat with an instructor and other classmates, 2-3pm ET Thursdays.

    • Homework: self-assessments and workbook exercises.

    • Network: reach out to a classmate or instructor by email, phone, Facebook or in person.

    • Self-study: catch up on what you missed or dive deeper on previous session materials

    • Do nothing. Study hall work is optional.


  • Where do we meet?

    Classes are held via WebEx and conference call line. WebEx can be used via desktop or mobile device.

  • What is the cost of tuition?

    Tuition is $1,600.

  • How do I pay tuition?

    BLM, USFWS and USFS have paid the $1,600 tuition for staff selected from the Washington Office, Region/State Office or field unit. There is no direct expense to the work unit of these selected applicants.

    For all other applicants, you may contact Liz Madison to discuss or arrange for tuition payment via credit card and if applicable, for information related to completing a SF-182 form. 

    You should complete the 2017 Managing by Network course application first. Liz Madison will contact you directly regarding a secure credit card payment for tuition due on or before January 25, 2017,the start of the course. The 30 open seats will be filled on a first come first served basis, based on your application date. Payment timing will be coordinated with your agency's or organization availability of funding.


  • Is the course open to representatives of organizations beyond BLM, USFWS and USFS?

    Yes. Federal, state, regional authority, county, municipal and nonprofit employees who work with DOI and USDA cohost agencies are invited to apply.  

    Managing by Network alumni include representatives from DHS, DOD DON, EPA, NOAA, NPS, NRCS, USACE, county wildland firefighters, and nonprofits. 

    Other Academy course and workshop alumni include representatives of tribes, state agencies, county authorities, municipalities, nonprofits, associations, universities, federal commissions and USGS. 

    Contact Liz Madison to reserve seats for your agency or organization.

  • Is there homework? Do I need to prepare before class?

    This is an applied training class. Perspectives and tools for how to reach out to community stakeholders and support partnerships are presented in class. Your homework is to apply what you’ve learned at the earliest opportunity.

    Pre-webinar assignments include watching or listening to 5 to 30 minute instructional videos. These videos provide a context for classroom discussion. More importantly, completing these assignments will increase facilitated discussions and peer-learning while minimizing webinar lecture time.

    Study hall weeks include homework that is optional. This includes self-assessments and workbook exercises that are designed to help you apply what you have learned.

  • Are there selection requirements?

    Preference will be given to employees whose position responsibilities include partnership and community collaboration with a range of stakeholders such as other federal agencies, state or local agencies, tribes, nonprofits, associations, universities, foundations and/or businesses.

  • Is supervisor approval required?

    Yes, as applicable. 

    Are you required to seek supervisory approval for training? If you answered yes, then we need it to consider your application complete. Please forward the link to the Academy's  Supervisor Approval Form to your supervisor as part of the application process. Applications are considered incomplete without it, and will affect your eligibility for the course. Supervisors are requested to complete the form and approve or decline approval.

    The Supervisor Approval Form provides us with:

    1. Written confirmation of approval from your Supervisor. This information is required for anyone receiving training credit through DOI Learn.
    2. Supervisor input on your training needs. Their responses, in addition to your own, inform our decisions on curriculum content for the year.
    3. Contact information for course follow up. 
    4. Assurance that your supervisor is aware of your time commitment throughout this 6-month course.
  • Will I receive a certificate for this training?

    Participants who attend 7 or more Managing by Network webinars are awarded certificates as an official record of 40 hours of training in 22 partnership and community collaboration competencies defined by OPM.

    Participants who present a Case Study are awarded a certificate with honors.

    Participants who attend 15 or more webinars are awarded a certificate with honors.

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