Session 06: Cast a Wide Net, February 28 or March 1

Session 06: Cast a Wide Net, February 28 or March 1



Video Presentations:


Optional Homework:

READ Succession Planning for Partnerships blog post.

DOWNLOAD 30-60-90-Day Plan Worksheet (DOCX) or (PDF).


  • Using the 30-60-90-Day Worksheet, fill out the information for 3-5 partners who, based on your job, you think a new supervisor or line officer would need to know about.
  • Choose 1-2 of those partners for whom a more detailed briefing package would be needed and briefly describe why the additional detail would be important and some of the material you think would be needed. 



  • Liz Madison, Director

  • Anne Desmarais, Assistant Director

  • Peter Williams, PhD, Associate Director

  • Guest instructor Kevin Connally, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Washington Fish and Wildlife Office, Conservation and Habitat Planning, USFWS, and video instructor

  • Video Instructor Matt Birnbaum, PhD, Academy Consultant in Residence



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