Session 15: See the Possibilities - May 20 & 21

Session 15: See the Possibilities - May 20 & 21

Note: The review of live webinar recordings is exclusive to 2020 MbN registered course participants, instructional team members, and MbN Federal Coordinators. Passwords for these webinars may not be shared. Thank you.


Video Presentations:

Peer to Peer Case Studies:

Optional Homework

  • Managing Agreements Best Practices
    • DOWNLOAD: Managing Agreements Best Practices (DOC) (PDF)
    • APPLY: Complete the Gap Assessment to identify your current and new practices.
    • SHARE: Discuss these best practices with a G&A specialist and ask him/her to share with you two tips that will keep you in the know regarding current G&A practices and processes.

Additional Resources


  • Peer Presenters
  • Liz Madison
  • Anne Desmarais
  • Lisa Van Alstyne, USFWS

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