Session 13: Get Your Ducks in a Row, May 17 & 18

Session 13: Get Your Ducks in a Row, May 17 & 18


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Video Assignment:

Peer to Peer Presentations:

ALPHA: Dave Cunningham, USFS, Partnership Specialist, Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest, MT. "Friends of the Little Belts" (PDF)

BETA: Anne Mullan, Ph.D., NOAA, Endangered Species Biologist, National Marine Fisheries Service, West Coast Region, OR. "Gravel Mining & ESA Salmonid Recovery: Collaboration in the Willamette River" (PDF)

GAMMA: Mary Reece, USBR, Manager, Program Development Division, AZ. "New Mexico Unit of the Central Arizona Project: An Arranged Marriage" (PDF)

DELTA: Heidi Keuler, FWS, Fish Habitat Biologist, Fishers & Farmers Partnership Coordinator, National Fish Habitat Partnership, WI. "Fishers and Farmers: Waterhsed Leaders Network" (PDF)


Liz Madison, Anne Desmarais and Peer Presenters


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