Session 10: Calm the Waters, April 11 & 12

Session 10: Calm the Waters, April 11 & 12



Video Assignment:


Deeper Dive: 

Conflict Management videos with Susan Goodwin, DOI CADR:

  • CORE-PLUS: Building A Higher Performance Model Workplace (16 mins)
  • Strengthening Your Conflict Management Skills (25 mins)


Additional Resources:


Optional Homework: Over the Horizon

  • READ: Blog post - Over the Horizon: Collaboration, ADR, Third-Parties, and You
  • DOWNLOAD: Over the Horizon Definitions (DOC) (PDF)
  • COMPLETE: Match the terms and definitions. Answers on Page 2.


Optional Homework: Self-Assessment

  • REVIEW:  Getting to the Core of Conflict and Communications Participant Workbook
  • EXERCISE:  Download and complete two self-assessment exercises
  • APPLY: Identify an opportunity to apply the conflict management practices highlighted in the exercises you selected. Then intentionally apply these practices in your professional and/or personal communication. You goal is to develop the intellectual muscle memory to use these practices, so that they will be readily available to you. 



  • Anne Desmarais
  • Liz Madison
  • Susan Goodwin, Collaboration and Conflict Management Specialist, Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution, DOI



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