Session 10: Calm the Waters - Apr 8 & 9

Session 10: Calm the Waters - Apr 8 & 9


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Optional Homework:

  1. REVIEW: Getting to the Core of Conflict and Communications Participant Workbook
  2. EXERCISE: Complete two self-assessment exercises from the workbook.
  3. APPLY:Identify an opportunity to apply the conflict management practices highlighted in the exercises you selected. Then intentionally apply these practices in your professional and/or personal communication. You goal is to develop the intellectual muscle memory to use these practices, so that they will be readily available to you.
  4. SHARE your takeaways in the Homework Feedback form on the Study Hall page.

Additional Resources: 



  • Anne Desmarais
  • Wendy Connally
  • Susan Goodwin, Collaboration and Conflict Management Specialist, DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR)

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