Session 09: Put the Wind in Your Sails, March 28 & 29 -

Session 09: Put the Wind in Your Sails, March 28 & 29 -



Video Assignments


Additional Resources:

(1) NPS RTCA Community Toolbox: Facilitation Tools

(2) Bonner Network Curriculum: Facilitation 101

(3) The Community Toolbox: Facilitation resources

(4) Enabling Change: CoCreate: A Facilitator’s Guide to Collaborative Planning


Optional Homework: Self-Assessment

Complete one of the two facilitation core competency self-assessments below. The IAF competencies are more focused on concrete meeting and group management practices, while the National College framework (shared in class) focuses on facilitator behaviors that demonstrate social-emotional intelligence.


Optional Homework: Facilitation Tools

  • REVIEW: Creative Facilitation Tools MbN 2018 (PDF)
  • EXERCISE: Select one of these methods to use at an upcoming meeting and prepare for the meeting to introduce this tool.
    • Why did you select this tool?
    • Do you need to coordinate with the group or the meeting coordinator in advance?
    • Do you need support materials to use this tool?
    • What objectives(s) for the group will this tool support?
    • How might using this tool change the attitudes and behaviors of meeting participants?
  • APPLY: Test this facilitation tool at the meeting and then reflect on what went well (WWW) and what would you do differently (WWYDD).



  • Liz Madison, Director

  • Anne Desmarais, Assistant Director

  • Peter Williams, PhD, Associate Direcgtor

  • Karen Simms, Former Assistant Field Manager, Gila District, Tucson Field Office, BLM, (video instructor)




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