Session 09: Put the Wind in Your Sails - April 24 or 25

Session 09: Put the Wind in Your Sails - April 24 or 25



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Additional Resources


Optional Homework

Facilitation Competency Self-Assessment 

  • COMPLETE one of two facilitation core competency self-assessments: The IAF competencies (DOC) (PDF) are more focused on concrete meeting and group management practices, while the National College framework (DOC) (PDF) focuses on facilitator behaviors that demonstrate social-emotional intelligence. 
  • SHARE your takeaways on the Study Hall page.


Facilitation Tool Box 

  • REVIEW the Facilitation Tool Box (PDF)
  • EXERCISE: Select one of these tools to use at an upcoming meeting. Consider:
    • Do you need to coordinate use of this tool with the group or the meeting coordinator in advance?
    • Do you need support materials to use this tool?
    • What objectives(s) for the group will this tool support?
    • How might using this tool change the attitudes and behaviors of meeting participants?
  • APPLY: Test this facilitation tool at the meeting and then reflect on what went well (WWW) and what would you do differently (WWYDD).


  • Liz Madison
  • Anne Desmarais



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