Session 08: Change Your Tack, March 21 & 22

Session 08: Change Your Tack, March 21 & 22


Principled Negotiation Discussion.pdf 

Persuasion Insights 2018.pdf


Video Assignments:                               

The Story of the Orange with Denis Desmarais, 2 mins

Persuasion with Liz Madison, 22 mins


Deeper Dive Resources:


Optional Homework: Persuasion


Optional Homework: Negotiation

  • DOWNLOAD: Principled Negotiation Planning Worksheet.docx 
  • EXERCISE: Review the four elements of principled negotiation on Page 1. Use the table on Pages 2 and 3 to go deeper in understanding your style, positions, interests and options - and those of your partner.



Liz Madison, Director

Anne Desmarais, Assistant Director

Video Instructor: Denis Desmarais, Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant-in-Residence

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