Session 04: Smart Moves - Feb 12 & 13

Session 04: Smart Moves - Feb 12 & 13



Optional Homework

  • Political Savvy - Strategies for Adapting to Change
  1. THINK of a change facing your organization. 
  2. DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE the worksheet: Adaptive Leadership Strategies for Acting Politically (DOC) (PDF)
  3. SHARE your takeaways from the assignment in the Homework Feedback form at the Study Hall Page.
  • Partnership Ethics Fact Pattern: Pop Quiz
  1. DOWNLOAD: Partnership Ethics Fact Pattern Pop Quiz (DOC) (PDF)

  2. APPLY: Consider the scenarios and note down your thoughts about what ethical rules may apply.

  3. CHECK your responses against the Answer Key (DOC) (PDF)

  4. SHARE your key takeaways in the Homework Feedback Form at the Study Hall page.


Additional Video Resources


Additional Resources



  • Liz Madison
  • Anne Desmarais


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