Session 04: See the Possibilities - March 13 or 14

Session 04: See the Possibilities - March 13 or 14

Presentations and Resources


Optional Homework: Human Dimensions

  1. EXPLORE: resources, broadcast, tools, methods, blogs at using the HD Scavenger Hunt.
  2. FEED YOUR MIND: This exercise goes well with a brown bag lunch or afternoon snack.
  3. SHARE: one link to useful information with a colleague or course participant.

Optional Homework: Succession Planning

  1. READ Succession Planning for Partnerships blog post.
  2. DOWNLOAD 30-60-90-Day Plan Worksheet (DOCX) or (PDF).
  3. EXERCISE: Using the Worksheet, fill out the information for 3-5 partners who, based on your job, you think a new supervisor or line officer would need to know about. Then, choose 1-2 of those partners for whom a more detailed briefing package would be needed and briefly describe why the additional detail would be important and some of the material you think would be needed. 
  4. SHARE your takeaways from the assignment using the Homework Feedback form. 

Additional Resources



  • Peter Williams, PhD
  • Anne Desmarais
  • Natalie Sexton, Chief, Human Dimensions Branch, USFWS
  • Wolf Cota, Former National Information Collections Officer (ICO), Office of Regulatory and Management Services, video instructor 



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