Session 04: Hand, Head and Heart - February 14 and 15

Session 04: Hand, Head and Heart - February 14 and 15



Video Assignments:


Optional Homework: Paperwork Reduction Act

READ  Urban Myths and the Paperwork Reduction Act  blog post.


  • the Information Collection Office/Officer (ICO) for your agency or organization or, if there isn’t one, for your primary partner agency;
  • 1-2 social scientist(s) or Human Dimension subject matter expert(s) that you can go to for ideas about working with the public in a way that is consistent with the PRA.


SHARE your PRA ICO website and 1-2 takeaways about the PRA on the Homework Feedback form.


Optional Homework: Collaborative Leadership

  • READ: Blog post - My Partner Said What?! Part 1 and Part 2
  • DOWNLOAD: Options exercise (DOC) (PDF)
  • APPLY: Think about a partnership where one or more of your partners might be stuck in some bad habits and likely to say something at your expense or that could cause problems for the project. Answer the questions provided in the options exercise.


Optionial Homework: Human Dimensions



  • Natalie Sexton, Chief, Human Dimensions Branch, USFWS
  • Wolf Cota, Former National Information Collections Officer (ICO), Office of Regulatory and Management Services, USFS (video instructor)
  • Cate Bradley, PhD, Former Landscape Architect, Collaboration Clinics and Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, NPS (video instructor)
  • Liz Madison, Director
  • Anne Desmarais, Assistant Director, Peer Learning Coordinator
  • Peter Williams, PhD, Associate Director

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